Covid-19 has left us with a lot of questions that we can't answer right now, including when we'll next be able to print a magazine. Like many other local businesses, we've taken a financial hit, but we're determined to keep creating content and to continue printing magazines as soon as our local printer will allow us.


To give you a bit of an insight into how our magazine is funded, advertising and subscriptions pay for the magazine print and production. Our wages are paid by retail sales. Book stores are our best retailers, but as books and magazines are deemed non-essential, we have thousands of magazines around the country sitting locked up in stores right now. You may still find us in some supermarkets, but our distributor isn't allowed to open whilst the country is in lock down, so we can't restock supermarkets, leaving even more magazines locked up in their warehouse. This is where you can help.


Through these testing times, we've pieced together a new website so that we can continue to provide content. If you enjoy what we do, please consider supporting us. Please only support us if you're in a financial position to do so - make sure you and your family are taken care of first!

We are a business, and therefore supporting us is not tax-deductible. Please note that by supporting us, you ARE NOT subscribing to receive physical copies, you are simply supporting what we do. Payments are not refundable.