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Pedal Press

A platform for cyclists to connect and inspire.

Brand Story

Connection. As humans, it’s what we crave. As cyclists, it’s what drives us. Connection with the bike; connection to the well-worn road or the less-travelled trail; connection to the cycling community.

At Pedal Press, connection is at the core of everything we do. From those who are turning the pedals for the first ever time, to professional athletes who live and breathe every facet of the sport, our aim is to connect with cyclists near and far, and share everything we love about the lifestyle.

We’re proud to be locals. Hailing from the misty Waitakere Ranges of Auckland, we endeavour to travel the width and breadth of our homeland to bring our readers the best content Whether it’s a product review or a photo essay, we are constantly seeking ways to connect with our readers; to be their go-to destination for all things cycling. We strive to be leaders in the field, showcasing the best of cycling both here at home and on a global scale.

In 2017, Pedal Press founder, Liam Friary, embarked on a journey of blood, sweat and tears, to bring to market NZ Mountain Biker and NZ Cycling Journal as we know them today. From Liam’s basement office-cum-workshop in Titirangi, Auckland, a small team of dedicated people, who live and breathe all things cycling, work hard to bring the two titles to life quarterly (NZCJ) and bi-annually (NZMTB).

Together, we have crafted a timeless, inspired and considered product to evoke the cyclist in everyone.

Evoking a sense of adventure on every page, New Zealand Mountain Biker is the go-to platform for riders of all levels. We consider ourselves very much a part of the mountain biking community and we’re always searching for connection within it – both at a grass roots level and within the global industry.

Our commitment to delivering fresh, engaging content every issue, takes us to the most wild and wonderful places New Zealand – and the world – has to offer. Our goal is to share stories from the mountain biking community near and far, offering a voice to the people, places and products we genuinely believe in.

From the latest gear to the most inspiring riders, our content is timeless and considered, making the magazine a collectors item which is hard to put down and meant to be shared. We strive to create an interactive product whereby both readers and brands are invited to reach out and share their stories with us; we welcome the chance to chat all things riding with you, be it via email, phone, coffee or a post-ride cold one.

Our wish is for the mountain biking to be inclusive and diverse, so we’re working hard to be an example of this. Our team is made up of talented individuals who each bring a unique flavour to NZ Mountain Biker, and are dedicated to being the voice of New Zealand’s widespread mountain biking community.

Distributed nationally in supermarkets, bookshops, magazine outlets and cycle shops – as well as our subscriber base – New Zealand Mountain Biker is a quarterly magazine for every rider.