I think it’s safe to say that carrying things on, or in your bike, is a way better option than loading up your pockets or a backpack (unless you want extra water or don’t have a bottle cage – no judgement here). Neutron Components are a company based out of Taupo, and their Oh Shit Kit (O.S.K for short) aims to give you an easy way to carry all the tools you need.


The O.S.K replaces your bar ends – one end housing your wrench (hex-keys, screwdriver, spoke wrench, tyre lever, valve core tool and bottle opener) and the other stores your chain breaker. The plastic base of the wrench feels durable, and the bits all feel like they’ll survive any abuse you’d be able to throw at them when you have those oh-shit moments out in the woods.


Over the coming weeks I’ll be putting the O.S.K through the ringer to make sure it stays where it should and does what it should but, as far as first impressions go, I’m impressed.


Words and Image: Cam Baker