We’re asking more and more of our bikes, especially with the boom of enduro. Riders need to be able to pedal their bikes up hills, before pointing it back down and taking on stages that you’d expect to see at a downhill race. As bikes get more capable, we get faster and the faster we go, the more we ask of our components. RockShox has heard your fork’s cries for help as you thrash it at your local, and has answered with the all-new Zeb.


The Zeb features 38mm stanchions, making them the biggest out of RockShox’s range of forks, and is designed to tackle the increasing demands of enduro. The Zeb is available is three different configurations, all of which come in 160mm, 170mm, 180mm and 190mm travel:

  • Zeb Ultimate | Charger 2.1 RC2 Damper

  • Zeb Select+ | Charger 2.1 RC Damper

  • Zeb Select | Charger RC Damper

A dual-position air spring is available for eBikes, as well, meaning you can switch between 150mm and 180mm travel with the twist of a dial.


We’ve been lucky enough to have spent the past month or so aboard the Zeb Ultimate and so far I’ve been STOKED on how well the Zeb performs. Before I received the fork, I had locked in on how it’d simply feel more precise when the going gets rough, without stopping to think about how the stiffer chassis also means less “sticktion” through the travel, meaning the fork doesn’t only feel smoother, but also more supportive than the Pike Ultimate fork I was riding beforehand, and I think this is something that’s worth pointing out, especially for smaller riders who may think that they won’t benefit from the precision of a stiffer fork. It’s kinda lame to quote from the press release, but Sam Hill noted he felt an immediate difference in rocky, gnarlier straights and it’s definitely true – you immediately notice the extra support from the 38mm stanchions.


As much as I’d love to tell you all about the Zeb now, our next issue is due to drop real soon and will have a more comprehensive feature on the Zeb, so keep an eye out on our social media and grab a copy once it’s out to read all about Zeb!


Words and Images: Cam Baker