“The appearance of the POWER in our range has shaken things up. When we decided to create electric versions of the META, the first point was clear – stick to the COMMENCAL DNA. In short, create a fun comfortable and efficient uphill and downhill bike. When we say POWER we mean motor, battery and electronic controls. This year again we trust Shimano. We continue to collaborate with the Japanese brand because of their technical advantages and the reliability of their engines.


The reliability of our bikes has always been our priority and Shimano’s reputation for that is well established. The numerous service centres all over the world are also an asset for a well-controlled after-sales service.  Compactness, engine management and shape are the main advantages of these Shimano engines. A compact engine allows us to make a mountain bike as we understand it at COMMENCAL, with geometry and kinematics that are not compromised by the size of the engine.

Therefore we offer the following:

– A 27.5″ model, the POWER SX, which is the ‘edgy’ POWER of the lineup. A bike made to lap as many runs as possible, with the rider being able to push through turns, jumps and try the steepest sections every time!

-A 29″ model, the POWER 29, which represents pure performance. A monster on technical climbs with a disturbing ability on downhill sections! Definitely a friend of those who go up what they go down. It helps the rider through difficult sections and allows them to find flow where they wouldn’t think it was possible.

For 2021 we’re using the new EP8 engine. It now features a higher torque (85 N.m) whilst the power output curves are improved.The result is a softer bike with better control of grip and more reactive to pedal strokes. Not only does it gain in performance, this new engine is also intended to be much quieter and more discreet than the older generations. The new 630Wh battery hugely increase its capacities, and that’s not all! The positioning of the engine has allowed lowering of the battery which helps to improve weight distribution. A new engine mount combined with a new generation engine guard both keep the unit neat in size and reduce the risk of impact with the ground.

Finally, with the seat tube angle straightened by one degree, the META POWER is more responsive, more acute. Combined with the performance and quality of the EP8 engine management, this bike can go anywhere! The look of this new bike has also evolved in depth. It’s very simple, everything’s new! The sharper lines clearly underline the improved performance.


Weight Distribution The distribution of weight is not to be overlooked on an ebike. We have reworked the fixation of the battery to the frame. The battery is larger due to its increased capacity, but its centre of gravity remains identical to the previous META POWER in order to maintain good stability. The META POWER therefore keeps its lively qualities and also its handling, which is so popular with its users.


Kinematics The kinematics of the META POWER revolve around the ‘4bar linkage’ Contact System which has been designed to offer: – A precise touch with the ground – Comfort – Less fatigue on large impacts – Dynamic behaviour when pushing fast and when pedalling Each shock has the appropriate settings, tested in advance for several months by our riders and engineers in various different conditions.


Geometry As we’re always in search of the best balance, the geometry of the META POWER has evolved for 2021. The seat tube angle is straightened by one degree to make it easier to climb steep slopes. The fork offset is reduced to promote sharper steering. In the same vein, the head angle is slackened in order to maintain maximum stability. The result is more precise and responsive steering.


Bearings For several years now we’ve been using oversized bearings from Enduro Bearings for long-term reliability.


Finishing Our DNA drives us to develop and improve the finishing details year after year. The engine support/mount has been completely redesigned to incorporate one of the advantages of the new EP8; its reduced size and increased clearance of the ground. For the same reason, the engine protector has been reworked but obviously still has high impact resistance. We have integrated it into the line of the bike even better with the addition of a right-side engine cover specific to the META POWER.

The charging plug is now placed on the new engine mount which makes it easier to access. The new more compact chain guide is also attached directly to the engine mount. A significant element of change is that the META POWER 2021 now features a new top tube. Modernised, it offers a stiffness consistent with the down tube.


Wheels The electric capability of an eMTB creates particular stresses on the wheels because of the pure power of the engine and the additional weight of the electrical system. Performance and reliability are two elements on which we make no concessions. Significantly, we use specific rims with an internal width of 30mm and a thicker wall than on a conventional enduro rim. The spokes are also thicker with reinforced heads to withstand the additional efforts of the engine and braking. DT SWISS Hybrid hubs have also undergone special work with reinforced axles, a steel freehub body, a more resistant rachet drive system and oversized bearings.


Suspension Adapting the suspension to eMTB specific use is essential to have a compatible frame which is effective downhill as well as uphill. As the mass transfers are greater than on a classic bike, we’ve worked on specific settings with our suspension partners to ensure that they correspond to the new kinematics of the new META POWER.

Steering precision is also key for downhill performance on rough trails. That’s why we choose forks with the best stiffness and especially, with 38mm uppers. Today we consider forks with this diameter to be essential for use with our META POWER 29 and SX.


Cockpit  When it comes to riding on difficult trails or in remote areas, the possibility of a crash or two should be taken into account. This is the whole point of using a compact control screen that is not too exposed during the impact of the bike with the ground. The SW EM800 mode shifter is also very minimalist and well-shaped.

In the same sense, we’ve developed an ebike specific RIDE ALPHA handlebar that protects the cable that connects the shifter to the screen as it goes inside the handlebar. This prevents damage and the cockpit becomes neater and more streamlined.


Tyres We choose to use tyres that are specifically suited to ebiking and that can be used across as many different terrains as possible. The tread, profiles and rubber used therefore allow each and every rider to ride everywhere without worrying about punctures, whilst offering liveliness amongst other qualities.

Furthermore, our various tests together with our racing experience have shown us that the section of the tyres used plays a major role in the precision and grip of the bike, especially when trying to go fast. We therefore favour tyres around 2.4″ which are suitable for 30mm internal rims, the ideal combo in a varying number of conditions.”