“Launched in 2020, our eONE-SIXTY managed to seamlessly follow in the footsteps of the ‘original’ eONE-SIXTY which was the most decorated, tested and awarded bike in MERIDA’s history. The highly anticipated bike managed to collect a vast amount of amazing test results and wins, as well as add a few industry awards to its tally.


For 2021, our e-enduro bike will be equipped with the all-new EP8 motor from Shimano as well as with the range extending 630 Wh internal battery. Improved performance numbers, a perfectly tuned MTB geometry, paired with a stiff and lightweight frame that seamlessly integrates the battery into the lower part of the downtube and a 29er / 650B wheel combo, the eONE-SIXTY is ready for pretty much anything you can throw at it.

Some of the other MY 2021 highlights of the eONE-SIXTY are the optimised and further integrated cable routing (applies to all integrated battery models), the upgraded ‘Energy Guard’ battery cover, the kick stand mount and the front light that mounts directly to MERIDA stem. The last two giving the eONE-SIXTY and other related models a further improved SUV customer appeal.


The extensive 2021 range of the eONE-SIXTY consists of three models featuring the carbon front end/aluminium rear end frame and three all aluminium models, allowing us to bring our proven technology and geometry as well as the latest EP8 performance to a wider price range.

The new EP8 brings a long list of upgrades and changes to the table that will elevate our eONE-SIXTY to the next level.


Increased power output:

The EP8 delivers a maximum power output of 85 Nm, which is an increase of 15 Nm from the E8000 unit. The maximum power output will improve the performance on extreme terrain as well as lift up the other support levels, making them universally more capable and more fun to use.

Bigger battery capacity and improved economy:

With an increased battery capacity and improved economy, the new EP8 system delivers a huge range extension, making it easier to cruise for longer or do more runs.


Smaller, lighter, quieter and better protected:

Following the footsteps of the hugely sophisticated E8000, the new EP8 managed once more to shrink in size (by around 10%), loose approx. 300 g in weight through a magnesium drive unit case, become quieter and add further protection to the unit.


Less drag:

While already a pleasure to ride with the unit disengaged and/or above the 25 km/h cut out speed, the new EP8 managed to achieve a 36% reduction in drag, making cruising about the cut-out speed even easier.


Improved heat-resistance:

The improved drive unit and battery performance will encourage riders to go harder for longer, but due to improved heat-resistance of the EP8 the maximum output will be delivered for longer without overheating and subsequently reducing performance.


Display and controls update:

The EP8 will get a new display offering all the key functions and information as well as a more ergonomic assist switch allowing for controlled selection of the various assist levels, even when the terrain gets rough.


Optimised TRAIL mode:

The TRAIL mode gets a more refined power curve to deliver optimal output at various input levels. This makes the TRAIL mode, even more, the ‘go-to’ assist level when out on the trail but also has a positive effect on energy consumption.


While these improvements and upgrades have a positive effect on the already impressive riding characteristics of the eONE-SIXTY line-up, the majority of our e-bike range will benefit from the range and power output increases of the EP8. All e-mtb that comes equipped with a 630 Wh battery will feature the new EP8 motor.”