Canyon’s Sender downhill bike has been proven on the world cup circuit over the past few years, and the new Sender CFR is here for the 2021 model year. With updated geometry, adjustable reach and chainstay length, a lighter frame and a more progressive suspension linkage the new Sender CFR is only going to be faster. Get the full rundown below:


“Time flies when you’re fast as hell. Consider the original Sender—a bike that instantly made a name for itself on the world’s toughest downhill tracks. Today we roll out the next generation of speed—the Sender CFR. We took one of the world’s best downhill racing machines and made it lighter, more controlled, and flat-out faster. But you don’t have to take our word for it. The clock never lies.



C-F-R… those three letters stand for Canyon Factory Racing, which might lead you to think “team bike”. But it’s more than that. Yes, this is the weapon of choice for Troy Brosnan, Tahnee Seagrave and shredders the world over, but competition isn’t merely a part of this bike’s DNA. Competition is the Sender CFR’s DNA. All of it. The hunt for the podium dictated the very carbon lay-up, the leverage curve, the suspension tune, every millimeter and angle of the Sender CFR. This bike was born from competition.



Most riders don’t have a different gravity bike for every day of the week. They need one bike that gets the job done. The Sender’s reach and chainstay adjustability gives you the ability to tune the Sender CFR to the day’s ride. Want maximum speed and stability? Go long. Feel like boosting the playfulness for a day at the park? Go short. The Sender CFR is the rare, truly versatile World Cup race bike.



Modern DH courses are wider and faster than in the past. The Sender CFR’s geometry is perfectly in tune with that it takes to win. The new Sender CFR’s longer reach and rear center (the latter, spec’d on Large and X-Large models) lends stability at high speeds.



The Sender CFR rolls on big wheels. Large and X-Large versions get the full 29er treatment. Small and Medium models go “mullet” (29 up front, 27.5 out back) for the win. Twenty-niner wheels improve roll over through rocks and roots. They maintain momentum like a champ. Big wheels are, in a word, fast. The mixed wheelsize option provides shorter riders with many of the same roll-over benefits, while also providing them (thanks to the smaller rear wheel) with crucial crotch-to-tire clearance on steeper courses.



Pedal kickback is that tugging sensation you sometimes feel through the pedals as your rear suspension compresses. Scientifically speaking, pedal kickback sucks. It transmits additional force through your body instead of through your suspension, tiring and slowing you down. We spent years, studying the phenomenon and experimenting with suspension kinematics in order to reduce kickback. Partnering with SRAM and Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences, we took everything we learned during Project Disconnect to make the new Sender CFR remarkably fast and smooth through the nastiest sections of trail.



We designed more progressivity into the Sender CFR’s kinematics, allowing you to ride hard and fast (and to sometimes come up short) without blowing through your rear suspension travel. Charge on.



It’s the holy grail—that ideal bike that’s smooth from the start, never wallows about when you are looking to accelerate, and doesn’t blow through its travel when the big hits come calling. Triple Phase Suspension is our key to making all of that a reality on the Sender CFR.



The precise positioning of the rear shock and suspension pivot points provides outstanding sensitivity and responsiveness at the start of the stroke.



Through the mid-stroke the suspension provides a stable platform, letting you put maximum power through the pedals and exit corners with more speed.



The end of the stroke ramps up progressively, giving you bottom-out control on the fastest, most brutal courses



Our World Cup race mechanics helped us design a bike that is simple to work on and will endure years of hard racing. Double-sealed bearings, replaceable thread inserts, fully integrated, internal cable guides, and easily accessed pivots are just a few of the smart features inspired by our team mechanics’ years of experience, wrenching in the pits.



We shaved more than 600 grams from the carbon Sender chassis yet maintained the durability needed to withstand seasons of abuse. Carbon chain and seatstays, a new upper shock-mount location, and precise shaping of every bit of the bike helped us cut weight without sacrificing strength.



Simple truth—a world class DH bike shouldn’t sound like a box full of bolts being tossed down the mountainside. We designed the Sender CFR to run silently. Over-the-top chainstay protection, ample clearance between chain and chainstay, and rattle-free, internal cable routing keep noise to an absolute minimum so you can focus on the one thing that truly matters—your line.



We’ve repositioned the rear shock within the Sender CFR frame—a move that not only cleaved weight, but also lowered the Sender CFR’s center of gravity. All things being equal, a lower center of gravity boosts control and improves handling. Low equals fast.”