The 5010 is one of those bikes that’s just fun. Enough travel to get you over pretty much anything, with a small enough amount of travel to keep things fun. Santa Cruz have updated the 5010, with longer and slacker being the key themes, as well as a move to their lower-link VPP configuration that’s become the norm on their recent releases. Check out their rad launch video below, then read what they have to say about the bike.


“Now more than ever, it’s important to get creative with your surroundings.


The 5010 has always been the bike that turns obstacles into features but now with the fourth generation upon us it expands on the concept of the little bike that has big ideas. Fun-loving 27.5-inch wheels, 130mm of lower-link VPP travel (paired with a 140mm fork) and radically confident-inspiring geometry including, new for any Santa Cruz bicycle, size specific rear stay lengths. It’s the kind of bike that makes any trail feel as familiar as the back of your hand.”