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ARRIVAL: 100% Altec Helmet and Sling Gloves

I won't lie, I'm a sucker for anything 100%, and so I was stoked to have their Altec Trail helmet and Sling gloves show up in the post.

The Altec features 100%'s Smartshock System, which is essentially their take on MIPS. The helmet feels lightweight when it's one, and fits nicely too. From looks alone, I'd say it's fairly safe to assume the helmet will vent well, but I haven't put in a big enough ride with it yet to confirm. Stay tuned for a review...

The Sling gloves are a minimal glove, featuring a perforated top and palm, with mesh finger gussets for maximum airflow. Whilst they don't offer any padding, they'll keep your hands from getting cut up if you crash and I'd say with the amount of vents they'd be perfect for summer if you're hunting for a little extra grip. Will also have a review on these coming soon.

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