Those three words say it all. The new Lux Trail takes everything that is great about the Lux — the lightweight chassis, the unreal speed and unrivalled pedalling efficiency — and adds a serious dose of capability courtesy of its downhill-friendly geometry, longer travel (120 mm) fork, dropper post, wider bars, and meatier tires.



Why a new, additional flavor of Lux? Because there is more than one way to ride cross-country. Once upon a time, cross-country meant just one thing — going as fast as possible, between the tape. All XC bikes were fast, ultralight, short-track rockets. But cross-country has evolved. Yes, riders still want a fast, light, race-tuned bike that covers ground as quickly as possible…but they might never toe the starting line at a traditional race. They’re looking, instead, for the perfect whip to help them cover as much trail as fast as possible. Or perhaps these same riders are still racing, but now they are competing in longer, more technically challenging events — such as the BC Bike Race. These riders still need a race weapon, but these kinds of competitions call for a less twitchy, more confident, and forgiving speed machine better suited to long days in the saddle. Enter the new Lux Trail.



The Lux Trail inherits the same core kinematics and anti-squat values that have made the Lux a World Cup-dominating, climb devouring, rocket launcher of a race bike. The Lux Trail possesses the perfect balance of traction-enhancing suspension and pogo-cancelling anti-squat. Riders are looking to ride as far and fast as possible. The incredibly efficient Lux Trail fits the bill perfectly.



What goes up, must come down. The Lux Trail not only gets you to the top of the climb first, it also gets you to the bottom of the mountain before everybody else. The bike’s geometry plays a big role here, increasing your control on steep and fast descents. A slack 67.5-degree head angle lends the bike a calm feel at the controls when you are barreling down steep trails and the combination of long reach (480 mm on a size Large), short stem, and wide bars help you feel centered and stable on the Lux Trail.



It’s one thing to create a lightweight bike. It’s a much harder thing to create a lightweight bike that’s reliable. But that’s precisely what we’ve done with the Lux Trail. Why does that matter? Because no one is fast when they are sitting on the side of the trail with a broken bike.


Let’s cut to the chase on the question of weight. At 1,905 grams (size Medium), the Lux Trail frame boasts one of the lightest frames on the market— which is remarkable when you consider that the bike meets the same Category 3 testing standards as trail bikes, such as our popular Neuron.


We shaved every unnecessary gram. Utilizing the same rear triangle as our current Lux, the Lux Trail eschews chainstay pivots for a carbon flex pivot. Taking the rear pivot assembly and bearings out of the equation reduces the weight of the overall system without making any sacrifices to the suspension’s performance.


The Lux Trail’s kinematics are designed to exert minimal stress on the bearings and pivots, allowing us to equip the Lux Trail with an ultralight rocker assembly without sacrificing durability. The Lux Trail’s linkage requires very little hardware, reducing weight yet again. The injection-molded, carbon-reinforced shock extension itself is incredibly lightweight.


Finally, the Lux Trail’s low leverage curve allows riders to run lower shock pressures that, in turn, enhance reliability by reducing stress on the shock seals.



Triple Phase Suspension first debuted on our Sender DH rig and has since been adapted throughout our mountain bike line. From Torque through Lux Trail, Triple Phase has helped propel riders all over the world to the top step of the podium.


Triple Phase, however, is not a singular design—a particular pivot point or linkage orientation–it’s a ride quality that we fine tune for each ride style. At its core, Triple Phase Suspension is smooth on small bumps, provides a stable mid stroke for maximum power output ,and ramps up at the end of its stroke to help you maintain control on big hits.



Every component on the Lux Trail has also been picked to enhance your descending control—ensuring you’re at our fastest, both up and down the mountain.


• Wide (760 mm) riser bars provide the rider with a wide stable stance on the bike.

• Dropper seatposts let you get the saddle low and out of the way, improving your control you on descents.

• Meaty 2.35 and 2.4-inch tires give you the traction you need to push your limits at speed.

• Wide (30mm internal width) rims provide excellent sidewall support on larger volume tires and improve cornering performance.

• Burlier FOX 34 Step Cast and RockShox SID 35 fork chasses and 120mm of front-suspension travel help you let loose on technical terrain with full confidence.



Every Lux Trail is loaded with smart details that tangibly improve performance.



Our Impact Protection Unit (IPU) protects the Lux Trail’s carbon frame by preventing the handlebars from over-rotating into the top tube.



Internal cable routing looks great, but can be a royal pain in the arse for home mechanics. Not so with the Lux Trail. Internal tubes within the frame guide the cable and brake housing, from start to finish. Insert a new cable and housing in one end of the bike and it will pop right out at the other end—no fishing blindly about for cable housing or cursing required. The tubes also reduce annoying cable rattling and reduce the risk of contamination, ensuring riders get full seasons of crisp, precise shifting in all conditions.



Our Quixle through-axle design boosts stiffness yet tucks neatly into the axle, providing easy, tool-free wheel removal.



Big rides require big quantities of water. And yet so many XC bikes barely have room for even one water bottle within the main frame. The Lux Trail gives you all the real estate you need within the frame to bring two large water bottles on every ride.



Dropped chains suck. Which is why we’ve equipped the Lux Trail with what might be the lightest (just 3.7 grams), sleekest chain guide ever created.