“Big mountain riding is a nomadic existence. Meeting friends in far flung car parks, pinpointing trails you’re not sure are even rideable, sending the ones you know are. Shiny new bling gets battered, shattered and bruised. That’s life. That’s how it should be. That’s why the Nomad exists.


Probably the most abused bike in our line up, every Nomad has a story to tell. But each Nomad we’ve made keeps coming back for more. It’s not Stockholm Syndrome, it’s called sealed bearings in all pivots, lower link grease port, shuttle guards and free bearing replacements. Bikes are not disposable, so why scrap a frame when a simple bearing service can make one last a lifetime? That’s our stance on sustainability at least, and it’s why our carbon fibre doesn’t just mean lighter, it means tough as hell, lifetime warranty and crash replacement support.


Chuck the bike in the back, make sure there’s gas in the stove and enough biscuits for the journey. The destination? All points between here and wherever. The Nomad is the kind of bike you need never worry about all summer long. Sorry we can’t say the same for the locked public washrooms and parking tickets.”


More coming in #101. Stay tuned…