In eMTB races, fractions of a second decide whether you win or lose, and you need the best equipment. Bosch have answered the call with their new drive unit, the Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition.


Developed with professional athletes, Bosch’s years of experience from numerous eMTB races have gone into this drive unit. The specially developed Race mode, uncompromising support and low weight are the ideal features for new record times. The Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition unleashes its full potential on tough routes with difficult technical sections, almost unrideable uphill sections and challenging descents.


“As a passionate eMTB rider myself, I know exactly the pain, effort and excitement on the trail,” explains Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems. “This is why I am particularly proud that our technology enables athletes to compete even more successfully. The eMTB sector is becoming more and more professional worldwide, and we actively support this development.”

Mountain biking is deeply rooted in the DNA of Bosch eBike Systems, one of the first eMTBs was equipped with a Bosch drive system back in 2010. Since then, the company has consistently developed more products for eMTB riders. The Performance Line CX was the first eBike drive specifically for eMTB in 2014, and the 2018 eMTB mode continues to set the standard today. Just recently, the new Extended Boost and Hill Hold features have been added, making the eMTB experience even better.


In recent years, Bosch eBike Systems has played a decisive role in eMTB racing, as evidenced by more than 60 podium finishes in eMTB races around the world this season alone. But the commitment goes beyond product development. The company has played an active role in shaping the emergence and professionalisation of the sport and has been instrumental in creating the right framework for professional races such as the Enduro World Series (EWS-E).


Kiwi rider Joe Nation had his first season on the EWS-E this year riding a Pole Voima equipped with the Bosch Performance Line CX motor.


“The new CX Race motor is really fast! It has the same Bosch power but the extended boost on the race mode really helps to climb over features where I am unable to pedal. Plus, it’s lighter which is always better when it comes to eBike racing!” says Joe.


The Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition is an exclusive evolution of the Performance Line CX. The new Race mode offers energetic, direct support – with up to 400 percent of your own pedal power. Riders reach maximum support faster and can use it to the cut-off at 32 km/h.


The familiar Extended Boost of the eMTB mode has also received an upgrade. The extra thrust is further extended in Race mode, so that large boulders, roots or steps are easier to manage. Strength of support, dynamics, maximum speed and maximum torque can also be adjusted in the eBike Flow app.


At 2.75 kg, the new drive unit is the lightest drive in the entire Bosch portfolio. This reduces the weight of the bikes equipped with it and optimises the handling of the eMTB on demanding trails, but with 85 Newton meters of torque, it still offers maximum power for acceleration out of tight corners which can be a decisive competitive advantage. Even at cadences over 120 rpm, the powerful motor provides explosive support so aggressive riding over long stages and fast sprints are possible.


The race character of the Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition is also clear in the design. The drive unit can be perfectly integrated into a sporty, slim frame design and makes for particularly agile handling.