Juliana have released the latest iteration of the Roubion, with the biggest change being the move to a mullet-configuration. Read more below…


“A 1:25000 scale map, a weather forecast and the Roubion. Three things you shouldn’t hit the high mountains without. And while we can’t guarantee you won’t get lost or soaked, we’re pretty sure there’s no better bike to tackle ancient alpine terrain.


The 150mm of VPP® lower link rear wheel travel and full carbon frame are built for a lifetime of tough climbs and tougher descents. Matched with a 160mm fork and Reserve carbon wheels, the whole package is ready to tackle an Enduro World Series at the drop of a beret. And whether blind racing or just blindly enjoying the trails as they come, the Roubion’s MX wheel combo feels like the best mix since Aperol met spritz. A 29-inch front wheel serves up high-speed stability and high-rolling confidence. Meanwhile the 27.5-inch rear makes for an intuitive and highly maneuverable rear end that loves to get sideways around the most ragged of switchbacks.

This bike is rapid, so when it comes to stopping power and control we’ve mixed things up here also. A 200mm front and 180mm rear brake rotor pairing ensures you shouldn’t overcook the corners no matter how hot you’re coming in. The Roubion’s chainstay lengths are all specifically sized for the XS, S and M frames too, meaning handling remains consistent across the range. And like all Juliana’s, each shock is tuned to work better for slightly lighter riders than equivalent Santa Cruz models. With free replacement bearings and lifetime frame guarantee as standard, the Roubion remains our #1 choice for rallying the world.”