100% has always been a brand heavily correlated to American motocross racing, producing top of the line apparel, products and racing equipment for riders on the track. Over the past few years, 100% have expanded their range to incorporate products for everyday mountain bikers, like myself. The new Airmatic pant is a welcome addition to their ever-expanding array of mountain biking product. This pant has you covered through any conditions the trail wants to throw at you. 100% have combined the fitment of their popular R-Core-X pant with the 4-way stretch material and the reliable, mountaineering buckle system featured on the Airmatic Short. This new Airmatic pant promises to deliver warmth, flexibility, ventilation and most importantly comfort.


Personally, I’ve found it challenging to find the perfect pair of riding shorts that are comfortable and also flattering. I’d never considered riding pants to be an option, as I have always opted for the classic short and knee pad combo. However, the 100% Airmatic pants have been a total game-changer. With a tapered leg cut, a hassle-free adjustable belt latch and two zippered pockets on each side, the pants are my new go-to for trail riding. Both side pockets were large enough to fit my phone, with an inner mesh pocket to hold your phone in place when riding, barely noticing the phone when pedalling. Bonus!


Made of four-way stretch material, the pants are lightweight, pliant and have proven to be incredibly comfortable and pedal-friendly. At first ride, I was sceptical of how lightweight the pants were and whether they would be prone to ripping, however, they proved to be super durable having survived a couple of crash tests without tearing, proving the fabric to be tough and reliable.


The Airmatic pants play well with knee pads, fitting under the pants comfortably, whilst still offering the right amount of stretch without feeling restricted in your movements. However, I found that there wasn’t an awful amount of stretch or adjustment in the waistband, as the pants don’t have adjustable velcro on the sides as most riding shorts and pants have. This just means that you must buy the pants true to size.


Overall, the 100% Airmatic pants are functional and fitting. The tapered cut of the pants keeps cuffs out of drivetrains whilst earning major points in the style department. They up my swagger game when I’m rocking them, well at least that’s what I think?! And, I’ve found them to be a comfortable and fly-looking pair of pants off the bike too whilst doing repairs on my bike or grabbing a craft beer at the local bar. The Airmatic pants are definitely good all-rounder pants, rain or shine and have so far, kept the chill off the autumn Wellington wind.


Distributor: FE Sports


Words: Khulan Tumen

Images: Caleb Smith