In the past, cycling glasses haven’t appealed to me, but I was excited to try out the 100% S2 sunglasses when given the opportunity. After using them for the past five weeks, I’m seldom seen without them. After the signing of Peter Sagan, the popularity of 100% eyewear grew exponentially. They now offer an extensive range which covers all aspects of performance, protection, and prescription glasses. 


The polished glasses I’ve been testing came equipped with a mirrored silver lens and a back up clear lens. I have yet to need the clear lens as the mirrored one adapts to changes in light very quickly. The lens has not fogged up, and after many clumsy trail moments there are no marks on the impact resistant Hydroio lens. Initially, I ran them only on mountain bike rides but have since tried them on the road bike and even at a cyclocross race, and found the generous size and shape to keep unwanted air and mud away from my eyes. On the road and trail I’ve found them to make obstacles appear very sharp, almost enhancing my vision. The addition of ultra-grip rubber on the arms and nose piece meant, once they were where I wanted them, there was no movement whatsoever. I’ve often seen cyclists with glasses that don’t contrast well with their helmet, however these are not those; I have tested them with five different helmets from varying brands and they look amazing. A couple of times, whilst driving, I have picked them up to block the harsh sun – I’ve also received compliments on how good they look.


The price tag of $334 seems scary for something you think you may not need, but I can assure you these will up your steeze factor and are a good investment for a durable pair of multi-use glasses. Would I recommend these? Absolutely. If you want to stand out amongst your friends, be a style god, and keep shit out of your eyes, look no further than the 100% S2 shades.


Distributor: FE Sports


Words: Jesse Cseh

Images: Caleb Smith