So, as they say, it’s best to use protection?! Nah, you really should, especially when it comes to riding mountain bikes. If you’re like me and fall every so often then you want to protect yourself. So, yea, use protection. 100% have made a real impact on the scene but in years gone by they made simple accessories for MX, nowadays they’re a global player. You can see their googles on the heads of racers but recently they’ve become known and well-established for apparel and helmets. The brand continues to grow, and over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity of testing some of their protection; Teratec Knee Guards.


The Teratec uses a lightweight design, they’re comfortable in use, and the overall stability of this protector is excellent. It’s got a fairly generous cut with enough sleeve up the top of the pad to ensure it stays in place. The protective pad works as its meant to – soft and flexible allowing for movement but robust enough when you crash on it. I found the guards needed a bit of ‘breaking’ in order to make the material a little more pliable. After the first few rides, they started to fit better. Fit wise, I lean towards a medium and sometimes large but with these, I’d recommend trying before you buy. These do a run a little tighter and for me, the medium was a touch small – this was mainly around the cuff at the top. But that maybe because I’ve got thick thighs?! You be the judge, but some riders may want to size up. That said the elastic/rubber cuffs at the top and bottom do fit very tight, but the pads stay in place well. And throughout all my rides with them, they stayed in place. However, I would like a little more rubber above the knee pad with a touch more roominess if I’m being picky.

In regard to the actual protection, the removable insert is super solid. And I’ve had a couple of offs to thoroughly validate this. There’s good coverage across the entire knee including some of the upper shin. For me, the pads didn’t get overly hot and they’re fine when it’s cold out. After a few rides, they do stench so best to whip the pads out and chuck em’ in the wash with your other riding gear. Having this easy option is a huge bonus and means you keep your riding buddies.

Above all the Teratec Knee Guards do their job well. They’re comfortable to wear all day on the bike and offer good protection and comfort. Wearing them I felt faster. Perhaps I just looked faster or because I had such good protection, I had more confidence to push myself harder.


Words: Liam Friary

Images: Cameron Mackenzie