The FUNN Funndamental pedals are a 6061 alloy flat pedal, featuring 11 replaceable pins per side, a GRS grease port, and a nice big platform. There come with long and short pins and a couple of little tools to remove/fit them as, out of the box, no pins are installed, allowing you to place as few or as many as you like in different patterns. They feel pretty flat underfoot, and are possibly less concave than the BlackKats I usually run, and feel very solid.



The pins are needle sharp which gives a heap of grip, but will probably open my shins up next time I muck up a crank flip. The nifty grease port is a good idea, and the pedals run nice and smooth right out of the box on a cartridge bearing and DU bushing. I haven’t used the port yet, but it looks like an easy way to maintain the pedals without rebuilding.

These are a tough looking pedal and, so far, have handled pedal strikes well, with no scuffing or bent pins. There is a feeling of less foot fatigue compared to the BlackKats; I didn’t have to try grip my feet on as hard and they stayed put wherever I placed them over rough terrain, while allowing fine tuning of my shoe position with a gentle lift and slide technique.

The choice of seven colours is cool, especially if you’re into matching every component on your bike – or contrasting them. I tested the silver ones, so can’t speak for how well the anodising stays on after smashing rocks – yet.

Cons: It’s a hassle to put the pins in yourself (seeing as no one will ever run them without pins) but it does allow personal tuning and set-up, so that could also be seen as a ‘pro’. You decide, while you’re screwing the pins in!

There are no spare pins included, but they are supplied with long and short pins, washers and tools.


The less pointy outer pins are kinda pointless (pun intended) as they don’t really grip at all. It would have been cool for them to still have a sharp end. Overall, I prefer the Funndamentals to my regular pedals, and they will be staying on my bike. They feel like a solid, modern pedal yet offer nothing extreme or ground-breaking – which can be a good thing for a component that needs to do one job and do it well. At $170 retail, I would consider them fundamentally good value as well.


Words and Images: Finn Lloyd