I thought writing my C.V was hard, but to write a review for all our readers…. the pressure was on.

And by pressure, I mean the always-efficient production team had a lapse and were not-so-efficient, throwing me my first ever written piece a few hours before the print deadline. Nothing like a deadline to boost efficiency though, right? One thing I have learnt, working within this small team, is that everyone does a little bit of everything, so getting stuck into your first ever review (that will be read by thousands!) should be no different.


The first thing I knew – and loved – about this Giro Roust Jersey, was that Giro had jumped on the rotating wheel of environmentally friendly, low impact products and created their Renew Series, which this jersey is a part of. The Renew series is a clothing line made with recycled polyester, elastane and nylon, including Econyl and Lycra made from reclaimed fishing nets. Yes, it’s a bit of a cliché, but if you wanna keep riding your trails, it starts with these small yet effective changes.

What jumps out at me whilst wearing the jersey is the slight fitted shape of it, even though it’s supposed to be more of a loose, relaxed style. It wears as a somewhat fitted cut but for me personally, this is not a bad thing. Women’s bike jerseys need to stay away from the dreaded boxy style, so it’s good to see the Roust’s sides are pinched in ever so slightly to give a bit of shape, but still provide room everywhere else. It doesn’t feel tight around the areas where the importance of movement is needed. I ride with and without a hydration pack, and found the longer length at the back provided good cover and didn’t have the tendency to bunch, catch on things or ride up my back.

The Roust jersey is lightweight and suited for warmer season riding. Light fabric, mesh panelling on the sides and the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric does a good job in keeping you cool and not so sweaty. The lens cleaner on the inside is handy for wiping away all the grit and grime, especially if you are someone who makes a splash going through some of those wet areas.

For reference, the Roust jersey I wore was the Blue Marble colour and short sleeved but it also comes in three other designs; they are trendy, but not as loud as your mum’s ‘telling off’ voice. With lots of ride time in the Roust jersey, the colours have held well, the fabric has kept its shape and, more importantly, it has not taken on odours from all of the hard slogging.


Words: Helen Mowry

Images: Cameron Mackenzie