A good glove is not always super easy to find. Yes, there’s a ton on the market but they’re all not the same and riders want different things. For me, like a lighter glove, I like to get feedback from the bar. But I do want protection and need em’ to be robust. Giro has developed the new Xnetic Trail glove from techniques they pioneered in their footwear. The end product is a seamless one-piece glove. Ok, so what is Xnetic anyway? It features a TPU skeletal system bonded to a knit material. It’s sock-like comfort which offers suppleness and breathability. It’s also DWR-treated which makes it repel water and they have reinforced rubber to enhance abrasion and durability. That’s a lot packed into a glove, aye?


I’ve been riding with these gloves for a few months now. Firstly, they fit super well. No bunching whatsoever with these! This is down to the 3-piece palm construction that allows movement without scrunch whilst maintaining the bar feel. Secondly, they’re uber comfy. Thanks to the stretchy, strapless cuff help bolster comfort further and keep wrist movement unrestricted, plus it means there’s no Velcro to snag jersey sleeves. Thirdly, you can use your phone with them. So, now you don’t have to ignore your work calls (which you may still want to) and can take a photo. Or do whatever else we use our phones for these days.

On the trail the Xnetic gloves offered good grip, I had control whilst still keeping bar feel. The gloves felt minimal and wrapped snugly around my palm. I’d move my hand and the gloves go with them – no fuss or bunching. On (too many) occasions when I did fall, they kept my hands protected. I’d rather keep my hands scuff-free and these gloves did a solid job of that. In the wet weather, they kept my hands dry as the weather shred off them. I’ve been running these for a few months and will be using them for many more months to come. So, they might cost you, but they really are well made, damn comfortable and minimal with good protection.

Distributed by Worralls / RRP: $74.95


Reviewed by Liam Friary