“The visor has three positions, allowing you to stow your goggles when you don’t need them.”

Most of us have had the Smith Forefront helmet out on the trails ever since it was released. Until recently, I thought it was the only offering Smith had in the MTB trail helmet range. I was wrong. Enter, the Smith Session. This helmet is packed with many of the same features as the pricier Forefront but comes in at a more affordable price. Call it a ‘mid- range’ trail helmet, if you will.

The Session differs in looks to the Forefront, with a design that is similar to a more classic MTB helmet. I’ve got a pretty small head, and those out there with the same issue will know how hard it can be to get a helmet that fits nicely and doesn’t make you look like a walking mushroom. This is where Smith have hit the nail on the head. The base sizing of the helmet (small) was great for me, and there is plenty of adjustment available with both a ratchet clicker and the ability to move the helmet’s internal ‘cage’ to dial in the fit. While the size and fit were great, I found that when riding more techy and rough trails (where your head moves around a lot) the helmet felt like it needed to be tighter than my initial fit. But that was an easy fix!

In terms of coverage, the helmet covers everything that needs to be covered – from the front to the back. The Session is paired with MIPS and Koroyd, making for a confidence-inspiring ride. It just makes you feel safe. There are plenty of vents (15 to be exact) to ensure your head stays cool while riding and not once did I feel like that was too much.

One of my favourite features was the integration with the Smith Flywheel glasses, which I was also reviewing. My previous helmet did not have any ability to store glasses, and I have often found myself forcing them in while riding – which usually ends up with the glasses damaging the helmet and not staying put.

This feature is a game changer for those bigger missions when conditions change or you don’t want to wear your glasses any more. Simply take them off and slide them into the specially designed glasses port. They fit snug and secure, which means peace of mind for you. I am certain this would be the same for most other riding glasses on the market, but I found using the Smith glasses was seamless. If you ride goggles with your half-face, there are options for you too.

The visor has three positions, allowing you to stow your goggles when you don’t need them.

Overall, the Smith Session is a stylish helmet that boasts the best protection a helmet can offer, while packing a punch for its price. The Session is far from a ‘mid-range’ trail helmet and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of summer riding in it!


RRP: $299