Review: Exposure MaXx D MK13 Light

Nowadays, the term ‘built to last’ feels like a phrase from a bygone era. But there are still brands out there that want to ensure ‘built to last’ is a term we use well into the future. One of those brands is Exposure Lights. Each light is machined from aluminum and uses durable, high-quality materials for the lens. Each part of the build process is done in-house, in the UK, and all lights carry a two-year warranty. There’s not much in the bike world that’s manufactured in the UK or Europe these days, so that’s saying something!

I tested the Exposure MaXx D MK13 light which offers 2500 lumens when using the clever Reflex technology and some great battery life to boot. It’s a small package but it packs plenty of punch. The 2500 lumens in the MaXx D makes for a reliable night riding pal. It throws out plenty of light, is simple to use and features Reflex++ technology that optimises light brightness depending on your speed and actions on the bike. The lumens are increased to 4000 when Reflex ++ is used. To better manage battery life, the MaXx D has three Reflex Plus modes. The very clever Reflex mode changes the light’s output depending on the trail conditions, by using in-built 3D accelerometers to measure speed and bumps. If the light senses the trail is particularly rough, it boosts output to 4000 lumens and then dims it back down once it becomes smoother again. There are large cooling fins that draw away heat from the light, and a quick-release bracket with a sprung pin that holds it in place. The clamp can fit both 31.8mm and 35mm, thanks to the shim that’s included.